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Posted by Louis in New Rules of Business

What are some of the rules that an enterprise should follow to win in the VUCA world?

Key management rules that an enterprise should try to follow to emerge as a winner in the VUCA world can be learnt from the digital natives. These are

Posted by Kathryn in New Rules of Business

What is a two-speed implementation approach?

A two-speed approach focuses on high-impact use cases that will move the needle to begin the journey while also leveraging the successes to build up your data and technology platform. Over successive agile implementation cycles, a two-speed strategy will ... read more...

Posted by Rachit in Organizational Transformation

Why are Enterprises facing frequent downfall in their endeavours to adapt to the new age digital era?

Most enterprises have embarked on some variation of digital transformation programs. However, the impact of these programs often falls short of expectations. There are many reasons for it, but the core issue is that enterprises have not recognized how ... read more...

Posted by Chaitanya in Global Delivery Model

How can organizations work towards building a scalable operating model in this digital age while also maintaining their cost?

The global delivery model is crucial for success in the digital age. Enterprises are facing the dual challenge of protecting their existing revenue streams while investing for future growth. The global delivery model is key to reducing costs structurally ... read more...